Biosensor Workshop

Biosensor Workshop
Place: Fab Lab Berlin, Saarbrücker Str. 24, Haus C, erster Stock
Time: Thursday 28th Aug, 11:00 - 15:00

Participants: 10
Price: 35€ includes the Biosensor DIY kit (circuit, petri dish, and moss)
Requirements: Please bring a laptop with Puredata and Processing installed.
Please bring an Arduino board if you have. We can also provide you with an Arduino Uno for the duration of the workshop.
Please use the contact form below to suscribe.

Media artist and musician Leslie Garcia is here to share her knowledge with us. Learn more.
No specific knowledge is required , only available time and ability to work in interdisciplinary teams. The workshop is in English.

The workshop aims to generate an approach to biofeedback technique which focuses on obtaining data on various physiological functions of plants. Using instruments to display information about the functioning and cycles of these living systems.
Participants will observe the processes of different plants , developing lowcost sensors to monitor galvanic electromagnetic humidity and temperature among other changes. These processes are then transformed into signals to be transmitted as OSC to different programs like Processing and Puredata .
The workshop is presented as a technique to generate gestural and artistic approaches relying on the sensitivity plants as a means of not tangible communication.

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